Massage & Body Treatments


Integrative Therapeutic Massage

All massage sessions are customized to each individuals needs.  Whether you are looking for a relaxation massage, pain management, or little bit of both each session will be designed to give you exactly what you need.  A combination of swedish, neuromuscular therapy, and thermal healing techniques are used to alleviate pain and promote relaxation.  Hot stones and hot towels are complimentary with all massage therapy services.

30 Minutes                  $40.00
60 Minutes                  $70.00
90 Minutes                  $90.00

Prenatal Massage

This is a variation of the integrated therapeutic massage specifically for mother's to be. Massage is received in a side-lying position with plenty of pillows for comfort and support.

30 Minutes                   $40.00
60 Minutes                   $70.00

Sinus Massage

This soothing massage starts with aromatic hot towels on the face, followed by gliding massage strokes and acupressure points specific to sinus drainage and pressure relief.

30 Minutes                     $40.00

60 Minutes                      $60.00


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