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Wind Down For Fall

Restorative Yoga & Tea Building Workshop

Sunday, November 10th 

Fall is the perfect time of the year for letting go and winding down. As change is in the air with the turning leaves and cooler temperatures we too can be like autumn and leave the busy energy of summer behind and embrace a slowing down in our lives. In this workshop we will start with restorative yoga, a practice of opening the body through passive stretches using bolsters, blocks and blankets for a deeply relaxing experience led by Cara Effinger. Afterwards, Candice CasaSanta, owner of Little Moon Botanicals, will guide participants in a hands-on tea building workshop. We will walk through each step of building an herbal tea blend and discuss the healing nature of a tea ritual as part of your daily or weekly routine. Participants will get to craft their own custom tea blend to take home and will leave with a new understanding of the plants that surround them.